Our Services

With over 30 years experience in the Real Estate lending market the Principals at Searchlight Lending have the experience and know how to underwrite and fund “make sense” deals for all your loan needs.

Residential Lending

If we can’t do it, no one can. Being approved by over 20 lenders and direct banks, we can get you the best rates, fastest turn-times, and funding for your 'out of the box' situations.

Private Money Lending

We are real estate investment advisors. Competitive pricing (as low as 5.75 %, on 50% LTV) and fast close times (as fast as 2 days with full package) make us a good choice when finding a direct private money investor relationship.

Commercial Lending

Searchlight Lending is no beginner in the commercial and construction world. We have relationships with over 45 lenders from small regional specialty lenders to big national banks.

Portfolio Management and Property Acquisition

With a solid network of realtors, attorneys, and property managers Searchlight can not only help with your lending needs but find high return properties for acquisition. Please reach out to see how we can get you a solid return on your investment.

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