Our Services


We are approved by over 100 lenders and direct banks. This has its advantages! From getting the best rates, fastest turn-times, or funding out of the box situations: “If we can’t do it, no one can.” Our loan agents and processors have experience in all facets of lending: retail, correspondence, wholesale, Fannie/Freddie, FHA, jumbo, reverse, and private money.
With over 2000 loans completed by the Broker of record and even more completed by our team, we have the resources and experience to confidently secure your financing.
We have experience in the San Francisco Bay Area and the whole state of California in addition to most Western States.

Private Money Lending

With our direct investor resources, we have over 20 years dealing with hard money in the San Francisco Bay Area and all of California. Competitive pricing (as low as 5.95%!) and fast close times (as fast as 2 days!) make us a good choice when finding a direct private money investor relationship.

Private money is your solution for those hard to fund loans! With so much red tape that borrowers have to go through getting a loan on an investment property most end up throwing their hands up in the air in frustration. That is where Searchlight Lending steps in to fill that void.

Commercial & Construction

Searchlight Lending is no beginner in the commercial and construction world. We have relationships with over 45 lenders from small regional specialty lenders to big national banks.
Our history of knowing which lenders will fund the “out of the box” situations is second to none from a $250k mixed use property to a $10M plus hotel, ground up construction development, or commercial mixed use complex. We can find financing in all 50 states. We know who will fund, who has the best terms, and who will get your loan done. Period. “Searchlight Lending: Commercial Loans Made Easy!”
From a $100k financing to over $20M, we can help find a home for your construction financing.

Portfolio Management and Property Acquisition

Searchlight Lending’s acquisition strategy is guided by the firm’s approach of being a value buyer, identifying the best opportunities for capital appreciation. We look to acquire, reposition and develop a blend of assets, working to preserve capital and deliver strong returns. Sellers we’re dealing with in today’s market are primarily lenders, loan servicers, private equity groups, and the brokers representing those parties.

Our acquisition objectives include:

Repositioning distressed multi-family and commercial properties. Acquisition prices range from $1-10 million, with exceptions for specific opportunities. Purchases are generally made on an “all cash” basis with short due diligence periods and closing timeframes.

Capital appreciation and cash flow is realized through an intensive approach to due diligence, asset repositioning, asset management and ultimately asset disposition.